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After reading a status a very amazing friend put up earlier today, something that has been heavy on my heart urged me write what I’ve been feeling. This DJ/Producer wears so many hats. He wears them well, never compromising his integrity or great heart. He’s a leader. I both admire look up to him.
His status was about being thankful for the support of the people to which continuously fill his life with positivity and how grateful he is for their love and loyalty. Lastly he acknowledged the blessing of being able to do what he loves.

These simple yet thought provoking statements nailed my recent thoughts on the head. Thank you to him for that.

It’s about the MUSIC…. Always has been, ALWAYS should be… Check your pride, judgement, and problems at the door… There’s no room for them to take up residence in this HOUSE.
This is, has been, and shall remain a place of unity. A Respectful, Respected meeting place. People in search of THAT FEELING. THAT HAPPINESS, THAT PERFECTION, THAT ONLY THIS MUSIC can bring.

Remembering the reason we come together in agreement, under the same roof , hearing the same “sermon”- raising our hands to show thankfulness and happiness for the blessing of music, and the people who play, and create it. Dancing, clapping, chanting together, just celebrating that which brings us together and makes us a family. COME SUNDAY MORNING, there is no doubt we we’re taken to “CHURCH.”

Let music fill your heart not hate, move your feet to music, not the hustle and grind.

Let it unite us. – HC

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