Mother’s Day Memories



                                       SURPRISE!!!!! Mother’s Day is this weekend! 

  It’s crazy but YES it still comes once a year! Sadly I don’t know many people that look at these special days for what they actually represent anymore. If you’re honest with yourself I’m sure you might even say the same. It’s not just Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Teacher’s appreciation day etc. Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, & pretty much any day that requires a Google or FaceBook reminder and a credit card, tend to stir up some type of negative feeling. Regarding them as  another thing on our to do lists, instead of the days meant to remind us EXACTLY how special our loved ones are. Even more importantly to remind them…. Before it is too late.

 So how exactly does the busy, 2016 goal achieving super-son or daughter achieve such an impossible task? Good question, hopefully I come up with something before the word count gets to high.

Okay some perspective: Mother’s Day is Bittersweet to some, Sweet, or even sad due to a the loss of a mother. But FEAR NOT!  last I heard, there are still a whole bunch of Mothers who just may feel the same way. 

Or once married being a mom, or recognizing your child’s mother or paternal Grandmother are also important. As well as what we can do now to ensure our future offspring do not fall victim to the traps of emotion and thoughtless holidays. Stay with me here…. There’s thought bubbles above my head, and there are definitely ideas in there. 


 THE ENEMY: Greeting card companies, restaurants, every retailer that can cater to any facet of the holiday in question.

 These caring and thoughtful giants of Grouponing and BOGO’s offer a hand and a 6 foot hanging banner every ten feet at…….. Well, everywhere…… They are professionals in telling our loved ones how we feel better than we can… Wait huh?

 Denying it is pointless, as parents remembering to pee before the dribble is a miracle. But in all our hustle and scheduling we’ve allowed a silent relationship killer-combo to overtake very personal times and make them consumer friendly. Laziness, and convenience has allowed advertising companies to control how we view, spend, and fail to treasure these opportunities commercialized and impersonalized these very personal 24 hour periods to create memories, relive old ones, capture moments on a virtually unlimited list of resources and devices, or better yet carrying on or starting one of my favorite things  “TRADITIONS.” 

SO IF JUST THE HEADLINE SENT SHOCKS OF PANIC THROUGH YOUR HEARTLESS BODY….Join the crappy kids club……Or, all of a sudden like magic there’s this article, where the author also realized she holds a platinum card lately in the crappy kids club – and decided to share what I came up with…… TADA!…. Read on….

If you happen to be one of those people who can through awesome things together real fast then this ones for you. 


  1. The ability to be endearingly bossy. There are extremes to this multi-faceted level of coordination excellence: Smiling while instructing brothers, sisters, or children at emotional gunpoint (Not for the weak, you may need to delve up childhood trauma to siblings to pull this off.)
  2. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT SUCK AT CROSS-CHECKING things like Weather with the “Rendezvous Point.”- yes military terminology may come in handy. The details on the simple front matter. 
  3. TAKE NO CRAP!!!! In any form,   Solid, liquid, in between, IT DOESN’T MATTER. This is serious business. Mom is #1 , #2 is on hold till further notice…. THAT’S RIGHT “NO ONE POOPS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.”

So what is this crazy plan of splendid WE ARE THE BEST KIDS EVER MOTHER”S DAY YOU ASK?                                           

A picnic! Yup, a picnic! Lunch or dinner is totally your call, but it can’t be in the normal places like MOM’S KITCHEN.

Here’s where Coffee or Vodka re-evaluates the vodka consumption and pulls magical out of your kids diaper…….

The idea here is to take Mom someplace that she finds slightly magical. An outdoor place she went as a kid, or even took you before you became the Captain of the Mother’s Day Militia. Perhaps a park, river, drive-in, ice cream parlor etc. Open or not, even nearby, it’s the  nostalgia we’re after. 

Next you organize the troops. Assign each of them a task, time, and supply a time period for approval of their contribution. Maybe birth order, or favorite kid order…. Just kidding obviously you win for masterminding such a show of love. Maybe even be adventurous with a stroll down memory lane literally. Dig up some pics of each of the kids in a place nearby with mom. Revisit the spot with a piece of the picnic (personal favorite with or from Mom) to add to the basket. If having a sibling switch off isn’t possible maybe ask a friend to help out as the photographer. Perhaps someone who may have no way to be with their Mom, or someone who’s plans are at a different time. Ask them to capture candids and any specific re-do’s of old pictures. Take new ones to add.


As each family member adds to the basket and shares their memory one on one with Mom. Include siblings or family members unable to be there due to distance etc. By being their fill-in.  

A group, generational, and extra special photo are all must have’s. Then to Bring it to an explosively tear jerking end – have the designated photographer send the images to be printed. You can purchase a paste in the blanks scrapbook at any craft store. BE CREATIVE…. You got this…… My excuse is that I was spreading the happiness through this article. …. So paste ins it is….. 


NOT AN OVER ACHIEVER? Or you still have enough sense to realize the vodka to reality ratio is tipping more towards needing a sobriety test? Okay, Okay……. Unless early Alzheimer’s has set in, it shouldn’t take long to think of at least a few GREAT memories with Mom. Write them down, head to the dollar store and get busy. Put together a few “Planting baskets” A few gardening tools, gloves, and something pretty. Then head to the local nursery… WAIT let’s be more specific, the kind that grow plants and flowers etc. Ask them for the best annuals or semi-annuals for your area. The ones that will look best in a row etc. Tending a little bit of garden with mom, will give her time well spent with her kids getting dirty again. Then every year she will have something to look forward to as well as a blooming reminder of years passed. Over lunch (YES YOU SUPPLY IT) include a way to remind Mom how she set roots down for you, or where you’ve grown the most or best because of her. Etc Mushy Gushy stuff. 

           gardening gift

As my final idea bubble bursts, or perhaps it’s the empty glass, I have only one more take on a dinner for Mom. 


Have each sibling or Grandkid have a go at a perfected recipe, all the finishing touches developed through time, for some more like time served, with countless meals fed to starrrrrrrrving, dirty handed, snot faced covered head to toe in ungrateful kids and our friends. While still making it taste like Mom made it.

Have each member serve a different course, ask for pointers if they aren’t offered with a (mothers love)  but most of all enjoy the time, and record as many of those memories as possible. This woman good, bad, or indifferent brought you into this world. She deserves one day where your big fat head, or hours of labor, blowing up your sister’s barbies because G.I. Joe was bored,  etc etc. day where you are just GRATEFUL you have a chance to show her how much she means, or that you have life to be different with yours. Even if you feel she did EVERYTHING WRONG….. Look in the mirror, only you are responsible for who’s looking back now. Make her proud, with love. It’s one day….. 


If all else fails, there’s always Hallmark and her favorite kid will probably come through anyway….. To all the Mom’s, Mom’s to be, Mom’s in the making, or children missing them THESE WOMEN or You yourself were and are the vessels God chose to bring life into this world. THANK YOU for your sacrifices, the ones no one knows, the ones that show, and the ones plastic surgery helped fix, cheers to every shade of MOM. Without us, well……………….Let’s just go back to happy thoughts. 



Written By: Heather Cornell







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